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September 2017 Vol. 4(1), pp. 1-6

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The Security Factor in Urban Residential Mobility in Enugu Metropolitan Area of Enugu State, South-Eastern Nigeria

Basil U. Eze*, Omole O. Oluyomi and Merit T. Ikechukwu

Department of Geography and Meteorology, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria.

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Accepted 27th September, 2017


This paper examined through survey research the role of security in urban residential mobility in the Enugu metropolitan area of Enugu state, Nigeria. The stratified random sampling technique was used in selecting the sampled population from the three Local Government Areas that make up Enugu Urban area, namely; Enugu North, Enugu East, and Enugu South. The data were presented in tabular forms. Chi-square statistical method was used to test the hypothesis, the result of the test showed that the calculated value is 26.12 while the table value at 95% confidence level is 3.84. This means, therefore, that there is a significant relationship between security and intra-urban migration. This implies that security influences significantly, residential mobility within Enugu urban area. Most of the motive of the migrants was to live in a secured house and environment. Among the recommendations proffered is the installation of security surveillance gadgets in strategic locations within Enugu urban to ensure that the lives and properties of its citizens are well protected.

Keywords: Security, Urban, Residential Mobility, Enugu Metropolitan.

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