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February 2016 Vol. 3(2), pp. 007-009

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Original Research Paper

Sustainability of Biogas Generated from Cow Dung as Household Fuel for Cooking

I Yerima

Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria.

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Accepted 18th January, 2016


Cow dung is a spongy degradable biomass containing digested and partially digested plant (cellulose) material found in the rumen of ruminants like Cow. When excreted, they lie as a waste in the environment with messy look and acrid smell causing pollution and rarely recycled into any useful end due to ignorance. In some instances farmers collect the dung and dump them to decompose on farmland as fertilizer. The environmentalist in their effort to sanitize the environment has given a second thought to the waste material by investigating the solid biofuel to be converted to gaseous biofuel. About 39kg of Cow dung was fed and allowed to digest by passing through fermentation, hydrolysis and methenation before a gas is generated. A period of 6 days at a temperature of 3 25-30oc soaked in 172 liters of water and 4 liters of dissolved chicken dropping as an inoculant. After 6 days the gas was generated to a volume of 1.2m3 which was tried for sustainability by cooking 477kg of rice with ingredients. The volume was sustained throughout the three cooking periods of breakfast, lunch and dinner and 24hrs after then until after 6 days when the volume subsided. The slurry left was removed through displacement and served as bio fertilizer. Considering the result, it indicates that biogas can serve as an alternative to fuel wood or any biomass in terms of combustion and sustainability. However storage and transportation remain as a major challenge-Biogas generation was part of an effort to reduce the pressure on firewood extraction especially in rural areas where alternative is not forthcoming.

Keywords: Biogas, Fuel wood, Cow dung, Rice, Digester, Burner.

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