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October 2016 Vol. 2(2), pp. 35-39

ISSN: 2985-8704

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Full Length Research Paper

Internal Security threats in contemporary Ethiopia

Daniel Mekonnen

College of Social Science, Debere Marekos University, Ethiopia.

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Accepted 9th September, 2016


The objective of this article is to discuss the internal security threats of contemporary Ethiopia from the perspective of third world security theory- subaltern realism-concept. To attain this objective, the article employed secondary source of data. Secondary data were obtained through a critical review of related literature and documents. The main finding of the article show that currently Ethiopia is facing internal security threats namely, ethnic conflicts and lack of coherent Idea of national identity, income inequality and un even development, insurgence group, environmental problems and natural disasters and lack of good governance. The study further found that intra-Party Straggle within the ruling party (EPRDF), religious fundamentalism and weak democratic institutions challenges Ethiopias security. The article conclude that unless this domestic security challenges are not handle in a diplomatic way they would have open the door for external security challenge and lead to disintegration of the state. Finally, the article concluded by providing recommendations for intervention.

Keywords: Internal Security, Realism, Ethiopia, Subaltern.

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