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April 2016 Vol. 2(1), pp. 20-26

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Full Length Research Paper

The Role of Intellectuals and Political Oratory in Modern Democracies

Arnaldo M. A. Gonçalves

Institute of Political Studies. Catholic University of Portugal, Portugal.

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Accepted 28 March, 2016


The role of intellectuals in an era where information and knowledge circulates, vertiginously, with negligible restrictions is under scrutiny. Multimedia, the internet, and social media have reached a very impressive status, which has led some to argue that the 'race' of intellectuals is going extinct and that their role in decline. Classic intellectuals of the last century made some effort to elevate and honour the intellectual's contribution to modern democracy. One of them, Noberto Bobbio, defended the notion that the intellectual has a role to play, by pursuing a methodological and discursive monitoring of the political discourse and coherence of the politicians. He was always aware of the illnesses of our time: the superficiality of the politicians, the vacuity of their discourse, and the incoherence between political programs, campaign promises, and the reality of governance in modern societies. Although not in decline, the role of the intellectual should be redefined like the objectives of his intervention in the public space.

Keywords: Politics, communication, democracy, government.

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