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May 2016 Vol. 2(4), pp. 16-20

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Attitude of the Province Of Manitoba Residents towards Bisexualism and Homosexuality, Perception of University Of Manitoba Undergraduates

Aladegbola Adebusayo Gabriel

916, Hardin Blvd., Cloverleafs APT ' C' IN 46241, Indiananapolis, Indiana State, USA..

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Accepted 27th April, 2016


This study is concerned with exploring the view of University of Manitoba undergraduates towards the relationship between people with Non Straight Sex Orientation (particularly the Bisexual and the Homosexual Individuals) and the residents of the province of Manitoba in general, 160 undergraduates were selected as the sample size for this study using Simple Random Sampling Technique. A self designed instrument titled ‘Non Straight Sex and Manitobans (NSSM)’ was used in gathering data for the study. The face and content validities of the instrument were ascertained by giving it to a test expert for re visiting in York University, Toronto. Few of the items were reconstructed. The Reliability of the instrument was ensured at r = 0.92 using Cronbach’s Alpha Formula. Two research questions were raised and answered in the study. The two hypotheses stated and tested in the study were accepted in their null form. Descriptive and inferential statistics were adopted in analyzing the data collected. Findings from the study revealed that the undergraduates had a negative perception towards how individuals with non straight sex orientation are being treated in Manitoba. It was also revealed that the Bisexual and Homosexuals are being stigmatized in most of the communities in Manitoba. The test of Hypotheses revealed that demographic factors like gender and level of study did not have any significant influence on the perception of the respondents towards the relationship between people with Non Straight Sex Orientation and the Manitoba residents. Recommendations were made accordingly.

Keywords: Non Straight Sex, Homosexuality, Bisexualism, Residents.

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