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October 2016 Vol. 2(3), pp. 12-19

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The Effect of Parental Presence in Decreasing Pain Level for Children during Venipuncture

Tariq Mustafa Al–Abbass1, Raghad Hussein Abdelkader2*, Noordeen Shoqirat3 and Hala Obeidat4

1RN, MSC: Emergency Department, Queen Rania Hospital for Children, Amman, Jordan.
2RN, MSC: Pediatric Nursing Department, Applied Science Private University, Shafa Badran, Jordan.
3RN, MSC: Dean of Nursing faculty, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan.
4RN, MSC: Head of Maternal Child Health Nursing Department, Princess Muna College of Nursing, Mutah University, Karak, Jordan.

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Accepted 17th October, 2016


Purpose: To examine the effect of parental presence in decreasing pain level in children during venipuncture. Methods: The quasi experimental study was designed to determine the effectiveness of parental presence on the pain level of children undergoing venipuncture. The study sample consisted of children aged 4 to 9 years at the emergency department of pediatric hospital in Amman, Jordan. A total of 102 children were conveniently sampled and evenly randomized into two groups: experimental group (n=53 children) with parental presence and control group (n= 49 children) parental absence during venipuncture. The primary instrument used to test pain level was the Wong-Backer faces. Results: The mean pain level in all children pre venipuncture was (0.8); the mean pain level in the control group during venipuncture was (3.3) and post venipuncture it was (1.97), higher than the mean of pain level in the experimental group, which was (2.4) during and (1) post venipuncture (p <. 05). Conclusion: Parental presence has a significant impact on decreasing pain levels in children during venipuncture. Recommendation is for administrators that should develop policy regarding allowing parental presence during invasive procedures.

Keywords: Parental present, venipuncture, Jordan, Pain scale.

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