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September 2017 Vol. 4 (4), pp. 18-20

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Review Paper

Changing Pattern of Mechanical Bowel Obstruction and Management Outcome in North-Eastern Nigeria

S Aliyu*, MB Tahir, UD Babayo, AB Zarami, AG Ibrahim and AG Madziga

Department of Surgery and Histopathology, University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.

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Accepted 23rd September, 2017


Background: The study reviewed mechanical bowel obstruction over a five year period in North-Eastern Nigeria. Patients and Methods: The study retrospectively reviewed all patients that presented with mechanical bowel obstruction in a District Hospital Damaturu North –Eastern Nigeria managed between January 2011 and December 2015. Results: A total of 94 patients were managed age ranged between 20 and 72 years with male to female ratio of 1.4:1. The peak age group was 21- 30years accounting for 29.78%. Tumour was the commonest cause in 27.66% followed by external hernias and intra peritoneal adhesions 25.53% each. The procedures carried were bowel resection in 54.26% and herniorrhapy in 25.53%. The post operative complications were surgical site infection in 22.34%, enterocutaneos fistula in 3.19%. The mortality recorded was 15.96% majority due to metastatic colonic tumour. Conclusion: The rising incidence of colonic tumours and late presentation in the developing world and falling complicated external hernias due to availability of elective operations makes the former to become the most frequent cause of mechanical bowel obstruction in this environment.

Keywords: Mechanical bowel obstruction, Changing pattern, Management outcome.

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