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October 2017 Vol. 4 (5), pp. 33-43

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Review Paper

Know About Biocompatibility of Dental Materials: A Review

Naorem Jenny1*, Suraj Naorem2, Kishorchand Naorem3 and Puyam Dhiraj Singh4

1MDS Private Practitioner
4BDS, Private Practitioner

Corresponding Author E-mail:

Accepted 7th October, 2017


Development in dentistry is characterized by an increasing number of new prosthetic materials. However, these materials interact with the tissues, producing changes in both the surrounding materials and tissues. They release substances into the oral environment to a varying degree. The aim of this review is to know the importance of biocompatibility of various dental materials used and the various spectra of biocompatibility test routinely practiced test. Articles are searched from the English literature available so far from the PubMed database, Google search and Science Direct from 1950 - 2017. Dental practice requires contact with restorative and auxiliary dental materials of different composition. The purpose of this article is to bring a general awareness to the dentist and other dental personnel and laboratory technicians about the biocompatibility of dental materials as leakage and transfer of potentially allergenic components of the materials carry the risk of hypersensitivity reactions.

Keywords: Biocompatibility, Dental Biomaterial, Dental Biocompatibility test.

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