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July 2016 Vol. 3(3), pp. 10-12

ISSN: 2985-8828

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Case Report

Acquired Tracheoesophageal Fistula- A Diagnostic Challenge, Representing as Recurrent Lower Respiratory Tract Infection

Silky Arora, Gauri Chauhan*, Tegsimran Duggal and A.K Bhardwaj

M.M Institute of Medical Sciences, Mullana, Ambala, Haryana, India-133207

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Accepted 14th July, 2016.


Tracheoesophageal fistula, being majorly ‘Congenital’ is found at birth with grievous symptoms and a definitive suspecting diagnosis. Other form of TEF being ‘Acquired’ is challenging to be diagnosed as the presentation is variable, with respiratory and gastro-intestinal symptoms. The cause of Acquired TEF has been found to be majorly Traumatic with ingestion of foreign bodies, but it is also found to be sequelae of granulomatous infection and can even be idiopathic. Here we highlight a case of an adolescent girl, with chronic history of GI symptoms and an acute presentation with respiratory illness, with final diagnosis of Acquired TEF, probable of sequelae of a chronic granulomatous process.

Keywords: TEF (Tracheoesphageal Fistula), granulomatous, Acquired, Respiratory infection.

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