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July 2017 Vol. 2(1), pp. 1-9

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Origin of Iron Technology in Africa: The Abiriba Blacksmithing in Focus

Onuoha Chidiebere

Department of History and International Relations, Abia State University Nigeria.

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Accepted 16th June, 2017


This study deals with the origin of iron technology in Africa, with emphasis on the origin of Blacksmithing in Abiriba. Blacksmithing made the people of Abiriba famous in Pre-Colonial era, their scope of itineration include, Cross River Igbo Area, Umon, Efik, Uzuakoli, and its environs. These places are presently in Abia, Ebonyi, Cross River and Akwaibom states. The study highlighted the following: origin of iron technology in Africa; Blacksmithing in Igboland: An Overview; the origin of Blacksmithing in Abiriba and sources of raw materials. The study adopted a historical method of quantitative content analysis which includes the analysis of data from field trips, oral interviews and secondary sources such as books, journals and internet sources. The finding reveals that intellectual debates are till on concerning the origin of iron technology and that the origin could be hidden in the virgin area of archaeological discovery. On the origin of Blacksmithing in Igboland and Abiriba, is still subject to controversies as no Igbo Blacksmithing community agrees that they learnt the craft outside their domain. In Abiriba, the information from oral sources entails that it originated from autochthonous or through diffusion.

Keywords: Blacksmithing, Africa, Abiriba, Igbo, Nigeria.

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