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August 2017 Vol. 3 (2), pp. 11-17

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Land Accessibility among Rural Farmers in Border Settlements of Ogun State, Nigeria

Eze U. Basil

Department of Geography and Meteorology Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Enugu, Nigeria.

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Accepted 29th August, 2017


This paper examined by reviewing the inter-meddling of politics and ethnicity in population census exercises and data in Nigeria. It traced the eruption of political and ethnic bickering’s over census data in Nigeria, pinning it to the cancellation of 1962 census and subsequent conduct of a fresh one in 1963. The use of census data for the allocation of political and economic power, including distribution of socio-infrastructural amenities/facilities remain at the root of census data manipulation and disfiguration in the country. The result of any census exercise conducted since independence had always generated much heat, bitterness and rancor along political, ethnic and tribal lines, especially between the northern and southern part of Nigeria over accusations and counter accusations of census data manipulation. Amongst the various redemptive measures recommended include the idea of ‘population tax’ and much more importantly the restructuring of Nigeria along true fiscal federalism.

Keywords: Politics, Ethnicity, Population Census, Nigeria.

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