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March 2016 Vol. 2 (1), pp. 11-15

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Roles of Forest Resources in Sustaining Rural Livelihoods around Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria

Y Usman1, MN Danjuma2* and IA Abdulkarim2

1Nigeria Prisons Service, Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs, Nigeria
2Department of Geography, Bayero University Kano, Nigeria

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Accepted 10th March, 2016


Forests are increasingly being conserved and managed for multiple uses and values. Forests provide resources for people, including renewable source of energy. This study assessed the roles of forest resources in sustaining communities' livelihoods around Yankari Game Reserve. A total of 150 respondents were drawn using systematic sampling techniques from the target population of 21, 900 people in 15 study communities around Yankari Game Reserve. Data was collected using two sets of questionnaires which were administered to 150 respondents each from the 15 communities and the management staff of the reserve respectively. The questions were on the role and importance of forest products in sustaining rural livelihood, impact of community sources of livelihood and most important economic activities of the people around the reserve. Farming and rearing are the most important income generating activities of the neighbouring communities which accounts for 49.3% of the population, while 24% account for farming/hunting, 21.9% farming/trading, 2.7% are civil servant and 2.1% represent others. The reserve contributes in diversification of livelihoods of the communities and forest users through hunting, cattle herding, collection of firewood, herbs, post and timber fruits and cash crops. Though, human activities on the reserve have led to forest degradation, findings of the study revealed that it still plays an important role in sustaining rural livelihood of the neighbouring communities. It is recommended that the people should be sensitized on the importance of conservation through changing local peoples' attitude. Other recommendations area that: alternative sources for domestic energy should be introduced and essential infrastructural facilities should be provided for the people so as to reduce human pressure on the reserve.

Keywords: Forest resources, rural livelihoods, Yankari Game Reserve, Nigeria.

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