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April 2016 Vol. 2(1), pp. 18-22

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Climate Change is Natural

Thomas T S Watson

Geelong North, Victoria, Australia 3215

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Accepted 17th March, 2016


Historical records of Earth show that everything is in a state of change, of which Climate is one. This paper recognises this fact and supports this concept. Applying statements of false information are promoted firstly by showing that humans somehow were responsible for those dramatic seasonal changes as being sub-normal. Secondly, and in recent times, they tell of these notions that support these changed thoughts. To those who use this propaganda to make money and/or make them stand out to make a good public person. Thirdly, these people used their respective financial status to give them a secure profile in the public arena, selling their belief to the media to make profit from Wind Farms, Solar Systems and the like, to convey to the public that they were to blame for these seasonal changes, and it was initiated by the increase of Carbon Dioxide they were producing since the 1880 Industrial Revolution. To the ordinary public, their argument was accepted; however, it was all based on ill-informed information introduced by Mr Al Gor`s "In creditable Truth" journey, for within this paper we show the truth as it is occurring and happening, now.

Keywords: Climate is Natural, Sun's Heliosphere, Earth's Magnetosphere, Wind Farms, Solar System, Australia, Barometric Pressure, gravitywatson (gw), Mauna Loa Observatory and Water Vapour.

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