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May 2017 Vol. 3(2), pp. 10-16

ISSN: 2550-7885

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Full Length Research Paper

A Recipe for a Successful Beginning for Adult Learners

Peter T. Olszewski

The Pennsylvania State University, The Behrend College, 4205 College Drive, Erie, PA 16563.

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Accepted 18th April, 2017


At some point in a professorís career, there is a guarantee to have interaction with older adult students. These students are unique in the sense that they have many reasons for being in the college arena and we as professors, administrators, Deans, and advisors must be sensitive to their needs. They could be returning to college after losing a job, career change, having never finished their degree years ago, didnít have time with family commitments or with several other jobs, or were too intimidated or scared to start college. As educators, we must reach out to these students when they are sitting in front of us during lessons and provide them with the support they need to be successful. This paper talks about the very special program offered through the Pennsylvania State University at Erie, The Behrend College, called the Academic Transition Program (ATP) for older adult students and how the program has helped students get college ready in Mathematics, English and Writing, and teaching study skills.

Keywords: Behrend college, Mathematics, teaching, skills.

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