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December 2016 Vol. 2(6), pp. 67-78

ISSN: 2985- 8879

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Geospatial Semester: Developing Studentsí 21st Century Thinking Skills with GIS: A Three Year Study

Michael T. Charles1* and Robert A. Kolvoord2

1College of Education, Pacific University, Oregon, USA.
2Integrated Science and Technology, James Madison University, USA.

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Accepted 24th August, 2016


Do high school seniors who complete a community-based GIS project demonstrate evidence of recognized 21st Century thinking skills when assessed by GIS capable faculty? Projects were completed in a semester-long high school course in which students used geospatial tools daily. 21st Century Skills were defined using two prominent frameworks and applied to create a topic-specific analytic rubric. Three raters used the rubric to evaluate 138 final projects in three academic years. Analysis of the findings indicates evidence of 21st Century thinking skills. Further work suggested includes a discussion of the sustainability of this curriculum innovation using GIS technologies for learning.

Keywords: Geospatial technologies, project-based learning, 21st Century skills and cognitive processes.

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