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August 2016 Vol. 2(4), pp. 28-33

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Pathology of Speech: Aims and Causes

Maysoon Alkaisi1* and Nadya Khairy2

1College of General Education and Sciences, University of Modern Sciences, United Arab Emirates.
2College of Education, University of Baghdad,Iraq.

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Accepted 4th August, 2016


The purpose of this study is to refer to the complications producing speech sound or problems with voice features. These problems can be characterized by break in the flow or rhythm of speech, for example, disfluency. Moreover, they can be problems with the way sounds are uttered such as articulation, phonological disorders or may be difficulties with the volume, pitch or quality of the sound. People with speech disorders have troubles using some speech sounds, which can also be a sign of a delay. Problems with communications and perception differ in nature and severity from person to person. Some of these difficulties are dysarthria, apraxia and echolalia.

Keywords: Speech disorders, Speech pathology, Broca’s aphasia, Wernick’s aphasia, stuttering.

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