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December 2015 Vol. 1(9), pp. 073-082

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Original Research Article

Peace Value Education and Its Effects on the Attitude of Students

Aktepe Vedat

Faculty of Education, Department of Primary Education, Nevşehir University, Nevşehir, Turkey.

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Accepted 15th December, 2015


The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of education activities teaching 3rd grade students the value of “peace” in social studies on their opinions and attitude towards the value of “peace”. “Mixed method” was used by means of engaging both quantitative and qualitative research models. Experimental group consist of 22 and control group 21 students. Research data were obtained via peace attitude scale and peace interview form. Mann-Whitney U Test was used in the analysis of quantitative data, while a descriptive analysis method in analyzing qualitative data, respectively. Quantitative data analysis indicates correlation (at the level of U=142.500, p<0.05) in favor of the experimental group. Qualitative data analysis shows that students manifested positive attitude and behaviors during peace value education, which positively affected the classroom environment. Peace value education resulted in enhanced friendship, love and mutual respect. Accordingly, one can claim that “peace” value education had an impact on students.

Keywords: Values, Values education, Social studies, Peace, Student.

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