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January 2016 Vol. 2(1), pp. 001-006

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Original Research Article

Enhancing Corporate Environmental Management Through Environmental Management Systems

J Ogwuche* and M Obasi

Department of Environmental Management, Kaduna state University, Kaduna, Nigeria.

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Accepted 21st December, 2015


Current environmental management aims to minimize the negative impacts of firms throughout their life cycle, and involves some tasks. Popular strategies such as Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Stewardship (ES) are being carried out with challenges, hence the need for Environmental Management Systems (EMSs). EMS shows adherence to a sustainable environmental policy, the meeting of appropriate environmental objectives, and the ability to demonstrate to a wide-range of interested parties that the system objectives are met. Implementing EMS consists of a cyclical management process, aimed to achieve continual environmental improvement. The International Standard Organization (ISO) has published ISO 14000 series of standards, with a view to providing organizations worldwide with the structure for managing environmental impacts of their activities, products and services, and to have a uniform EMS for use as an environmental management tool for sustainable development. The series is made up of documents related to EMS and those related to environmental management tools. However, in spite of the industrial popularity and business benefits of the ISO series, their impacts are not felt in Nigeria. NESREA, the enforcement agency in Nigeria is recommended to strengthen regulatory frameworks, especially by enhancing CSR and ES with EMSs to help improve organizational environmental compliance.

Keywords: Corporate Environmental Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Stewardship, Environmental Management System, ISO Series, Environmental Regulation.

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