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October 2016 Vol. 2(3), pp. 23-43

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Full Length Research Paper

The impact of weblog on performance of Iranian Intermediate EFL learners in EFL writing

Mohammad Reza Aria and Siros Izadpanah*

Department of English Language Teaching, Zanjan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Zanjan, Iran.

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Accepted 3rd October, 2016


New models of communication technology created good pedagogical models and learning field. On the other hand, paying attention to this fact that writing is a social process accentuates the importance of weblog writing. This study investigated the influence of weblog on learners' writing performance in Jahade Daneshghahi Language Institute of Miyaneh. In this study a quasi-experimental research design was applied to elicit data from 48 Iranian intermediate EFL learners ranging from age of 16 to 18 and extracted from 60 EFL learners. Learners took part in a GEPT (General English Proficiency Test) to be sure about their homogeneity in term of English proficiency. It was a standard proficiency test that was adapted and validated to my context with Test-Retest. The learners with score in beyond +/-1SD GEPT (12 learners) were excluded. Then, to avoid bias they were randomly paired to control group and experimental group. Control group was taught through conventional way of writing in the class on odd days and experimental group was received treatment through weblog with the same instructor on even days for twenty an hour sessions during three weeks. The data was collected through GEPT as pre-test and post-test after treatment. The collected Data was analyzed by using deductive methods like using T-test on SPSS 18 to find out the consequences of the research assumptions. It was revealed that weblog had positive influence on writing performance. Meanwhile, according to statistics, confidence interval of the difference in all tests of the study was 95% and P value was less than 0.05 indicating the fact that the result was due to considered variables, and not due to other variables. The finding of the study draws teachers’, course designers’, and stock-holders’ attention to this fact that they should integrate computer and its technology into EFL education.

Keywords: EFL learners; EFL writing; weblog.

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