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September 2016 Vol. 1 (1), pp. 1-8

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Full Length Research Paper

Towards improving network installation in Plateau State University Bokkos

Datukun Kalamba Aristarkus1*, Sellappan Palaniappan2 and Tatchanaamoorti Purnshatman2

1Plateau State University Bokkos, Nigeria.
2Malaysian University of Science and Technology, Malaysia.

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Accepted 21st September, 2016


This paper is concerned with the computer networks of few selected Universities in Nigeria. The existing networks of each University will be analyzed and compared in terms of quality of devices and links used on the network, as well as topological layout. The Universities that will be duly considered are Plateau State University Bokkos (PSU), University of Jos (UJ)-only the main campus, and Salem University Lokoja (SUL). Technical Staff of each University will be interviewed for basic information collection, part of which will also be collected and/ or confirmed via observation. Layouts of each University will be designed and simulated for comparative outputs. The design will be done with CISCO Packets Tracer simulator. In the end a suitable requirements will be highlighted for improving installation of computer network in Plateau State University, being a newly established University.

Keywords: Campus Area Network, Network Simulator, Network Design and Simulation, Comparative Analysis.

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