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October 2017 Vol. 3(7), pp. 139-149

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Full Length Research Paper

Effectiveness of Public Service on Joint Office Administration System One of the Roof in Kupang City

I Putu Adiyasa

University of Nusa Cendana Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

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Accepted 10th OCtober, 2017


The Effectiveness is a good and proper work process in accordance with the rules, procedures and time, the city of Kupang newly developed, requiring motor vehicle facilities to support work activities, the more population, the more the number of motor vehicles needed, the need for a traffic arrangement good model and good vehicle administration services to the community in accordance with the type of vehicle owned. A public service process expected from government to society can give the satisfaction of society; good employee performance can be seen from perception of society to service given from the Joint Office Administration System One of the Roof in Kupang City as public institution with service facility provided by government to give service to society. The research method used is descriptive qualitative research method with the aim to know deeply how the government provide and give public service to society, the best service is service that fulfil what is promised or wanted and needed by society from government, the results show that, Public service is a very important element in the task of government, the community as the recipient and the service users increasingly and growing, increasing their daily activities, according to the interests and needs of life and their understanding of the process and service model. Increasingly complex developments will require a diversity of public service needs and expect to get good, fast and precise services. Conclusion: The Joint Office of Administration System One of the Roof Kupang City as a public institution, has endeavored to provide motor vehicle administration services to all owners for use as per the requirements and rules that have been set.

Keywords: Effectiveness, Public Service and Society.

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