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January 2017 Vol. 3(1), pp. 23-33

ISSN: 2550-7877

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A Study on the Determinant of Customer Experience among Supermarket Shoppers in Saudi Arabia

Shajahan Shamsudeen

Ministry of Higher Education, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Accepted 19th January, 2017


Creating a superior customer experience has been gaining increasing attention from the retailers globally. This research has tried to provide a complete picture of the customer experience and its determinants among supermarket customers in Saudi Arabia. The major objectives of the study were to measure the experience of the customers, examine the relationship between demographic characteristics and the customer experience and to suggest measures to improve customer experience for the supermarket in the Saudi Arabia. Convenient sampling was adopted for the purpose of the study. The collected data were coded in an SPSS spreadsheet and a simple statistical analysis such as One-way ANOVA, Linear regression and multiple regressions for better outcome. The effects of the various determinants namely social environment, service interface, retail atmosphere, assortment, price, and previous customer experience were examined. The model has a good fit as the p value is significant at 5% level and adjusted R2value depicts that 51.972 % variation in the dependent variable. Finally a complete understanding of the various determinants that are used in this study would enable the retailers in Saudi Arabia to create a memorable experience among the supermarket customer while visiting their outlets.

Keywords: Supermarket customer experience, social environment, retail atmosphere, service interface.

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