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January 2017 Vol. 3(1), pp. 17-22

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The Role of Leadership and Human Resource Development to Improve Effectiveness of Public Services (case study in Direcao Nacional de Transportes Terrestres Municipio Dili)

Leoneto Madeira Martins

University of Nusa Cendana Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

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Accepted 19th January, 2017


To improve the effectiveness of public services in all government institutions, the role of leadership as a motivator and inspiration to influence subordinates in carrying out the duties and responsibilities is crucial to provide effective services, human resource development strategy through education and training is gradually also important to improve the capacities and skills of the waitress. The need for the administration of transport is very important for the government and society, reality shows that transport can donate the cost to the government and help move people from one place to another, need to consider the operating system of transport seriously, increasing population and economic growth is very fast, followed modernization, communication and information, causing increased people's living tastes and needs of the community is increasing, driven motivation for someone to earn a living by moving place. The government sought transportation service system that can respond to the dynamics of community life, so as to reduce the burden of thought would be the responsibility of living individuals and groups, with good flow and smooth transport will create a harmonious social interaction between people, the realization of security, order and peace. The method used is a descriptive qualitative research method, which is to know the process of administrative service ground transportation. Research, the role of leadership and human resources development in order to enhance the capabilities and skills of the waiter was very important in effecting service. Direcao Nacional de Transportes Terrestres Dili, has had the leadership, staff, structure, regulation, funding, facilities and infrastructure fixed infrastructures to conduct the service with all its flaws and weaknesses, but the service process carried out in everydays work conclusion, DNTT as a public servant receives, processes and provide services in accordance with the rules and procedures established.

Keywords: Leadership, Human Resources, Effectiveness Service.

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