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February 2017 Vol. 3(2), pp. 57-67

ISSN: 2550-7877

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Full Length Research Paper

How Deep Small And Medium Enterprise Affecting Nigeria’s Economic Development

Gloria Kainnee Gbappy, Gylych Jelilov* and Abdurrahman Isik

Nile University of Nigeria, Department of Economics, Abuja, Nigeria.

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Accepted 8th December, 2016


The study examined the role of small and medium scale enterprise on Nigeria’s economic development from 2006-2015. Primary data were used whereby questionnaires were distributed to some operators of SME in Nigeria and specifically around the Maraba-Nyanya metropolis. Literature materials were also adopted. However in the course of the study it was found that “small and medium Enterprise drives their country’s development as they create employment and contribute to the gross domestic product”. Therefore in order to improve the performance of SMEs in Nigeria it was recommended that amongst other things there should be capacity developments for both technical and management are a vital area, governments should develop and implement coherent policies that will enable SSEs compete, there should be adequate incentives to banks and other financial institutions that fund SSI.

Keywords: Small and medium scale enterprise, economic development, GDP, Nigeria.

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