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April 2017 Vol. 3(4), pp. 112-120

ISSN: 2550-7877

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Analysis of Some Selected Theories Applicable to Consumer Behaviour Research

Ojo, James Olanipekun1* and Adedayo, Simeon Oludare2

1Department of Business Administration & Marketing, McPherson University, Seriki Sotayo, Abeokuta, Nigeria.
2Department of Business Administration & Marketing, BBS, Babcock University, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria.

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Accepted 28th March, 2017


This article reviewed some theories, numbering twelve, that are applicable to consumer behaviour research. It evaluated the scientific theoretical approach to the verifiability and reliability of the marketing concepts as guards against bias, preservation and prejudice. The article also appraised the applicability of cognitive dissonance, learning, sociological, cognitive, role, income, perception, uses and gratification, social exchange, psychoanalysis, attention and recognition-by-components theories to the analyses in consumer behaviour science. The article concluded that the selected theories have predictive power: when outcomes are perceived to be greater, individuals disclose more. The theoretical propositions with the theories are consistent with each other. These theories generate new hypotheses, therefore expanding the range of potential knowledge and embellishing existing knowledge.

Keywords: Marketing science, marketing theories, consumer behaviour, theoretical foundation.

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