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March 2016 Vol. 2(3), pp. 006-009

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Entrepreneurship in Nigeria Realities on Ground

Gylych Jelilov1* and Evren Onder2

1Department of Economics, Nigerian Turkish Nile University Abuja, Nigeria.
2Gazi University Social Science Institute, Ankara, Turkey.

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Accepted 22nd February, 2016


The aim of the paper is to develop and analyze the contributions of entrepreneurship in the economic development through SME development in Nigeria. The major findings of this study include the following: SMEs have played and continue to play significant roles in the growth, development and industrialization of many economies the world over. In the case of Nigeria, SMEs has performed below expectation due to a combination of problems which ranges from an attitude and habits of SMEs themselves through environmental related factors, instability of governments and frequent government policy changes, etc. Promoters of SMEs should thus ensure the availability or possession of managerial capacity and acumen before pursuing financial resources for the development of the respective enterprise. In total Nigerian entrepreneurship has its own problems and relative solutions was done.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Economic development.

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