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December 2016 Vol. 2(10), pp. 135-162

ISSN: 2985-8860

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Full Length Research Paper

Impact of HIV/Aids on Human Capital and Economic Growth In Nigeria

Fatima Binta Tijjani

Gray's International College, Kaduna, Nigeria.

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Accepted 23rd December, 2016


Economic growth is such as fundamental and desirable phenomenon in the development process that every developing nation or even developed nations strive to achieve and maintain. From historical perspectives, economic growth has never and will never occur on its own (WHO, 2001). In addition to healthy manpower, it requires other stimulating factors such as strong capital formation, real investment, technical progress, and discipline. Equally, the high level presence of factors like Human Immune- Deficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), poverty and corruption among others, not only suppress, but retard the levels of actual and potential economic growth in a country. In summary, the effect of HIV/AIDS on human capital and economic development are multifaceted. What is required is a re-examination of many of the channels through which changes in the stock of human capital affect production and livelihoods.

Keywords: HIV/AIDS, Nigeria, environment.

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