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Nov 2017 Vol. 3(3), pp. 24-30

ISSN: 2985-8763

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Mediating factors between overcrowding and adolescent antisocial behavior in Lagos, Nigeria

Olaniyi Makinde, Kaj Björkqvist*, and Karin Österman

Peace and Conflict Research & Developmental Psychology, Åbo Akademi University, P.O.B. 311, 65101 Vasa, Finland

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Accepted 20th November, 2017


An association between overcrowding and antisocial behavior among adolescents has been observed in Lagos, Nigeria. Accordingly, there is a need to investigate possible mediators between these two constructs. The present study was designed to explore whether overcrowding could lead to aggression and negativity in the home, which in turn could lead to antisocial behavior outside of the home. Method: A questionnaire was given to and filled in by 238 Nigerian adolescents, mean age = 15.4 (SD = 2.0), from junior and senior secondary schools in Lagos; the sample included 122 females and 116 males. Statistical analysis: The data were analyzed with the SPSS macro PROCESS with six scales as variables. Overcrowding served as the independent variable, Anti-social Behavior as the dependent variable, and Parental Negativity, Adult Aggression, Sibling Aggression and Witnessing of Domestic Violence as mediators in a conditional process analysis. Results: The results corroborated the hypothesis that the four mediators had an indirect effect on the antisocial behavior of the respondents. Accordingly, they mediated the effect of overcrowding in the home on antisocial behavior outside of the home. Conclusion: Overcrowding may have serious consequences leading to antisocial behavior. The results have implications for housing policies in Nigeria. Moreover, these results may also have implications for research and policy making in other nations and parts of the world.

Keywords: Aggressive behavior, Anti-social behavior, Domestic violence, Nigeria, Overcrowding.

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