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September 2016 Vol. 2(3), pp. 22-25

ISSN: 2985-8763

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Full Length Research Paper

A Forgotten Clinical Entity: Meckelís Diverticulum (MD)

Kulbir Kaur*, Ravi Kant Sharma, Rajan Kumar Singla, Jagdev Singh Kullar and Neelam Bala

Department of Anatomy, Government Medical College, Amritsar, Punjab, India.

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Accepted 21st September, 2016


According to the well-known statement of Charles Mayo, ĎMD is frequently suspected, often looked for and seldom found.This paper presents and describes a case of Meckelís diverticulum. It was found in 55-year-old male cadaver during routine dissection in department of anatomy GMC Amritsar. It was located 50.5 cm proximal to the ileocaecal junction. It was 2.5cm in length with narrow tip and 0.95 cm in diameter. It was attached to antimesentric border. The tip was not attached by any fibrous band to umbilicus.

Keywords: Meckelís diverticulum, Ileocaecal junction, Mesenteric border.

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